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General Information - Wood Veneer and WiseWood Veneer

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WiseWood Veneer Makes Cabinet Remodeling Easier and More Economical with Its New Line of Cabinet Refacing Kits.

Cabinet re-facing kit from wisewood veneer.
Cabinet refacing just got easier and more economical. A recent survey conducted by Remodeling Magazine shows that a minor kitchen remodeling project may return 120% of its cost when the home is sold, making it the biggest return of all home improvement investments. WiseWood Veneer is now offering a cabinet re-facing kit that has what you need to transform your outdated kitchen cabinets into your dream kitchen for a fraction of the cost. It is estimated that the average cost for new custom kitchen cabinets is $25,000 to $30,000 but with one of WiseWood’s cabinet kits and a little work you can have beautiful cabinets for significantly less.

“A complete tear out and reinstallation of new cabinets is a lengthy, expensive process and will cause disruption in your household for weeks. Oftentimes the cabinet frames are in good order and it doesn’t make sense to start from scratch, so re-facing your existing cabinets is a great alternative” says Christine Yarbrough, WiseWood Veneer’s vice president. “Cabinet re-facing is a relatively quick and easy process and requires no demolition, which means your kitchen remains functional until complete”.

The cabinet kits come in three different sizes and include:
- Your choice of wood veneer species
- Pre-glued wood veneer edgebanding of the same species
- A knife to cut the veneer / edgebanding
- A veneer scraper
- A cork sanding block
- A tack cloth
- 120, 150 and 180 grit sandpaper
- Detailed step by step instructions

“Our customers have shown us through explosive sales that our 3M™ self-adhesive veneer is the favorite product for homeowners. We’ve listened and decided to offer this complete cabinet kit to make their purchasing even easier. The kits aren’t only for re-facing kitchen cabinets, they’re perfect for bathroom vanities or any other cabinets that need a new look” said Yarbrough. “We are very excited to offer this inclusive package and are eager to hear our customer’s success stories” adds Yarbrough.

Nothing compares to the richness and warmth of wood, it is by far the most popular choice for kitchen cabinets. Whether it’s classic Maple or a more rustic look like Knotty Pine, WiseWood Veneer has something for everyone. Visit their veneer sample gallery at to see the wide variety of species to choose from. Re-facing your kitchen cabinets will give your kitchen a completely remodeled look and is a great way to add value to your home.

WiseWood Veneer Introduces a Reconstituted Veneers Line

WiseWood Veneer is pleased to offer their reconstituted wood veneer product line as an environmentally friendly alternative to some of the more rare and expensive exotic wood species. It is sometimes referred to as Engineered or Composite veneer and is a great option for those projects where veneer color and consistency is critical from start to finish. Made from rapidly renewable trees in managed forests, reconstituted veneer is produced by laminating different colors of dyed veneer in alternating layers. This process produces natural looking wood grains and colors thought only to exist in nature… until now.

“The Wenge, Rosewood, and Teak are remarkably close to their natural counterparts, the color is great” says Geoff Brickner, WiseWood Veneer’s president. “These are a great substitute when the species is limited or unavailable due to export such as in the case of Teak right now”, Brickner added.

Some of the key features and benefits:

- Environmentally friendly and responsibly produced
- Free from natural defects and anomalies
- Color and grain consistent from sheet to sheet
- Real wood, not plastic laminate
- More affordable than many expensive exotic species
- Available in a variety of backers

“The consistency from sheet to sheet offers an attractive solution to customers such as Retail Fixture companies in particular that need to do such large areas where matching is critical. Oftentimes they simply would not be able to get this type of matching with many species of standard veneer” Brickner added.

WiseWood Veneer Adds New Species To Their Stock

WiseWood Veneer is excited to announce the addition of two new exotic species to their ever expanding inventory. The new species include Bubinga and Padauk wood veneer. WiseWood Veneer has taken notice in the trend that has been developing over the years. The beauty and warmth of wood has always been a popular choice, but now more than ever the trend is moving towards exotic species.

Bubinga originates from Africa and is a rich pinkish medium red brown color with darker crimson to deeper dark brown veining that defines the cathedrals. Bubinga wood veneer can be quarter cut or rotary cut (often called Kevazingo or African Rosewood) and can have an array of figure types such as mottled, fiddleback, or pomele. Bubinga is often used for making instruments such as guitars and drums and can be found in luxury cars as well. This beautiful wood is also a favorite of architectural furniture makers as it is easy to work with and is perfect to showcase some of their amazing work.

Padauk also originates from Africa. This wood is typically a vivid red orange to bright red color that ages to a deep crimson brown color. It generally has straight grain with a moderately coarse texture and large pores. It is well suited for architectural woodworking and inlays. Padauk finishes to a beautiful sheen without the need for stain.

“We are committed to listening to our customers. Whether it’s a new species or custom size veneer request, our goal is to make every effort to get it”, said Christine Yarbrough, WiseWood Veneer’s Vice President. “We are very excited to add these species to our growing inventory. Our focus is to keep in stock the most popular veneers while maintaining low prices for our customers”, Yarbrough added.

WiseWood Veneer offers domestic and exotic flexible wood veneers from all over the world. Located near Detroit Michigan, WiseWood offers top notch quality veneer products for furniture makers, cabinet makers, and artisans from around the country. WiseWood Veneer brings over 40 years of combined knowledge and wood veneer experience to their company, which means that you get the information and answers you need to make your wood veneer project turn out great.  Getting additional information click on : Wood Veneer

Flat Cut Bubinga Veneer              Quarter Cut Padauk Veneer

WiseWood Veneer Company – Facts and Figures

WiseWood Veneer Company distributes high quality flexible wood veneer and wood edge banding from our location in Sterling Heights, Michigan. WiseWood Veneer can ship wood veneer anywhere in the United States and beyond. Our in stock inventory consists of over 300 items including flexible wood veneer and wood edge banding in a variety of sizes and different wood species. There are many options from the most common domestic species such as Maple, Cherry, Oak, Walnut, Ash, etc. to more exotic species like Anigre, Makore, Sapele, Wenge and Zebrawood. The number and variety of in stock items is continually growing in response to our customer’s needs and requests. By having such a vast assortment of products in stock we are able to ship every day to help our customers meet or exceed tight production schedules. As well as the large variety of products in stock WiseWood Veneer can also special order many other wood species, sizes, and different backer combinations with minimal lead time (in most cases less than 5 days). 

Our proprietary products include FlexVen™ paper backed veneer, Tuf-Pli™ polyback veneer, PSA (or pressure sensitive adhesive) veneer and wood edge banding with iron on adhesive or fleece-back. Each of these products offer unique features and benefits that make them suitable for many different applications. All of our flexible veneers are manufactured to the highest standards using only the best grades of wood veneer and quality backing material. With WiseWood Veneer you don’t have to worry whether you are a large cabinet shop, custom furniture builder, hobbyist woodworker or just a handy DIY’er as our minimum purchase is as little as one sheet or as many as you need. Our price structure is the same for everyone and is designed to offer price discounts at various volume buying levels. We also understand that there are times when there might be a need to return veneer based on a change of plans, cancellation or any other obstacle that might come up. When these things happen rest assured that our return policy is customer friendly and any returns will be processed in a timely and professional manner to get you and your project back on track. 

WiseWood Veneer operates out of one location so selection and quality are always under our control. Unlike other companies that don’t stock their veneer we can always select veneer to your specification. There are many reasons to purchase your wood veneer and edge banding from WiseWood Veneer but the biggest reason has to be our people. With years of experience and problem solving ability we will always steer you in the right direction. See for yourself…and experience what WiseWood has to offer. 


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