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Technical Info/Articles

3M pressure sensitive adhesive backer on flexible veneer sheet used exclusively at wisewood veneer. Wide assortment of pre glued and non glue edge banding at wisewood veneer including maple, oak, cherry and walnut edgebanding species. PSA Wood Veneer Application Instructions
PSA Wood Veneer Application Instructions - PDF

Wood Veneer Application When Using Contact Cement
Wood Veneer Application When Using Contact Cement - PDF

Cabinet Refacing Instructions
Cabinet Refacing Instructions - PDF

Iron on Edge Banding Application
Iron on Edge Banding Application - PDF

Wood Veneer Terminology

WiseWood Veneer takes pride in offering clear instructions to all of its customers to make sure they complete a great project every time. WiseWood veneer has created this section of the website to showcase their knowledge, but more importantly to inform their customers and ensure that each wood veneering project is a success. The information provided here is in regards to installation and application of wood veneer and edge banding products.

As more technical information becomes available, verified, and tested; WiseWood will update this area regularly. So please come back and visit us to find out more tips and tricks which will help you complete your project quickly and under budget.

It is strongly recommended that all veneer sheets go through an acclimation process. Wood veneer is a versatile, organic material that reacts to changes in environmental conditions. Veneer is hygroscopic which means it emits and absorbs moisture. When you receive your veneer it needs to acclimatize to conditions in your environment to reach equilibrium. The ideal environment to achieve equilibrium with your veneer is defined as 30-55% relative humidity at a temperature range between 55-85 degrees F. Prior to application, allow your veneer a minimum of 48-72 hours lying flat out of the box within the range of conditions stated. It's also important that your substrate be acclimatized in the same conditions as the veneer to have greater success and avoid problems.

All veneer sheets are production sanded only, NOT FINISH SANDED. They will require additional sanding prior to finishing.